Interview:La Diretta Nuova

15 marzo 2013

From where does your passion for art come from?

“I’ve always drawn; when I was a young girl I played with watercolours, crayons and plasticine. My first artwork was a small withe mask made of play dough, then I was six or seven years old. Moreover, I’m sure that my father’s passion for art has been strongly inspiring.”

Is art only a passion for you or do you consider art a job?

“Art is mostly a relaxing vent, a kind of fun… I can’t tell if it could be a job. Definitely, nowadays, this activity doesn’t give me any certainty, maybe in the future it will… I hope so!”

Talk me about your technique: what does collage represent for you?

“I love collage or ‘attaccage’ -according to French people- because in addition to paper I use many small objects: bolts, screws, washers, buttons and small pegs… Stuff I find on the road. Naturally, these objects take a visual, graphic and conceptual meaning once they are on the canvas. It allows me to have a relationship with these objects: today everybody is used to throw away obsolete objects, and I like to pick them up. In this way a rusty nail becomes a stem, a bolt becomes a bird and a broken hook from a clothes hanger becomes the question mark of a query.

It reveals that every element, seemingly useless, has its value, so the context is stronger than the element itself. According to semiotics there is the object, its name and its significance. One of these functions doesn’t prescind from the others, because we are used to decode our world with this paradigm. If we place an object in another context it change its significance and moreover its own nature, it means lose a function to take another one. That’s why a button could become: “the moon” in the paper clouds or “a wheel” into a gearwheel, it changes time by time. That’s what amuses myself!  It’s magic!”

 Does a particular artist inspire your work?

“Somebody says my paintings are Dadaist. It is, for me, a great personal honour. I like very much Kurt Schwitters; maybe he inspired me much more than other artists because he has been a forerunner, today the reutilization of objects is a custom almost obvious because we feel this need now; when he begun with this kind of approach, it was just the beginning of consumerism, and he had the talent to understand the innovation through recycling.”

[Miryam Spinazzola]


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